When Life Hands you Lemons..

drink-lemon-water-aGo la la for Lemons!

Add squeezed freshly pressed quarter-half lemon to warm water.

I made a conscious effort to embrace a new morning ritual of drinking lemon water to see if the reported benefits materialized. And they most certainly did! The following are all true and tested, so get squeezing people!

The idea of starting your day off with a habitual feel-good ritual will reap rewards. I recently embraced the philosophy of “starting as you mean to go on” whether its the smallest of tasks (making the bed, making a juice, taking over the world..) that sets the tone of how the rest of your day should unfold. The feeling of empowerment from committing to a morning ritual is satisfying and self-fulfilling, it takes determination regardless of how small the feet is. Its the feeling of ownership that ensues in taking control to make the conscious effort of putting your wellness first.
Here we go…

Aids Digestion – Lemon juice flushes toxins through the gastrointestinal tract stimulating peristalsis, loosening toxins to rid them from the body. Irrigate and liberate!

– The citric acid in lemons is alkaline upon digestion leading to balanced PH levels in the body. And healthy alkalinity is just good sense guys.

Clear, Bright Skin – All good Hollywood babes rave about Vitamin C’s ability to purge toxins from the blood leading the clearer, brighter skin with less pronounced wrinkles.You may even apply lemon juice (watered down dependent on sensitivity) directly to you skin before an event to brighten dull skin. Unleash your inner glowing goddess.

Boost Immunity – Vitamin C is the lost from the body quickly under pressure and stress. Hence why when we are met with tough light situations, our immunity decreases and we fall prey to getting cold and opportunistic illnesses. The Vit. C highly abundant in lemons helps fight off colds while potassium regulates brain/nerve functions.

Diuretic – Lemons heighten the rate of urination, flushing toxins through your system fast without letting the nasty stuff fester within. Keep your urinary tract happy.

Weight Loss – The Pectin Fibre contained in lemons curbs your appetite plus positive alkalinity has been shown to increase weight loss. Win Win.

Fresh Breath – Citric acid can be used to freshen stale breath and treat gingivitis. However this has a caveat..see *Tip below

*Tip: It is said that citric acid in the lemons can erode teeth so its recommended that you flush your mouth out with plain water following your morning ritual or consume with a straw.(Colorful, fun straws work best…because they make any drink taste better..but mainly because I’m an overgrown child)
Warm water is recommended (not cold/hot) as it keeps fats fluid to flush them out faster.
No added sugar! It kills the benefits of your hard work! Your’e sweet enough.

Use fresh organic lemons pleaseandthankyou! No funny fake stuff!

Go forth wellness warriors and embrace this morning must!


Blending vs. Juicing

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”


Decisions, decisions… what’s a gal to do?

Everyone has an opinion on this topic… leaving us feeling perplexed on what the maximum long-term health benefits are? Which cause should we focus our well-intended efforts upon?

Here’s the 411:

A combination of both is the key to giving our insides the lovin’ we deserve. They both have great benefits, the key is to gauge what your body needs and in what quantities.

Lightening The Digestive Load

The downside of blending is that the bulkier fibrous materials are consumed alongside the juice which is said to act as a burden on our digestive system if consumed in large quantities or quantities which our bodies may not be ready for yet.

Whereas juicing removes the fibre easing the weight and workload placed on our digestive system while fueling our cells and boosting immunity instantly as the nutrients pass directly into the bloodstream as soon as it reaches the small intestine. The idea is not to cut out these much needed intestinal brooms such as psyllium, bentonite, glucomannan, hearty grains, salads etc as active ingredients in our diet but exonerating our charged bodies with a liquid stint. The idea of this is that the less time our bodies focus on digestion, the more time it has to begin to repair itself. Juicing should be used as a nutritional supplement and not a meal replacement, if one is healing or detoxing juicing can have astounding results. The idea is juicing provides an instant injection of nutritional goodness into your body alkalizing and impacting within minutes. Want to get jazzed up? Grab a juice! Things which are fab to juice are those high in water content such as cucumber, beets, lemon, carrot, celery etc giving you more hydration than water itself. However these ingredients are usually high in naturally occurring sugars. If there is little or no fibre in the diet which blending provides then there is nothing to regulate these sugars as they enter the bloodstream.

We Need Fibre

However we must give both sides of the story, and the counter-argument is that we need fibre in our diet for a host of reasons. Relying on juice alone may be beneficial for a short-term body check but the fibrous goodness we get from blending does a lot of good! Fibre is used to treat weight management, stave off cholesterol & two types of diabetes, treat acne, reduce appetite and nurse constipation. Soluble fibers absorb harmful toxins while insoluble fibers sweeps waste through the digestive system. All in all fibre is not a drain on our digestive systems but a helpful requisite.

The argument against over-juicing as opposed to blending is that by removing fibre its possible to increase glycemic index and load up the pancreas. This promotes insulin resistance and other hormone imbalances. so in order to regulate insulin and absorb sugars properly one must include fibre but the key is to strike the right balanced amount of such that your body needs so as to avoid overloading it. Again, the idea is that the fruits of health which juicing provides can have incredible results if used as a shot of nutrition and not a meal replacement.

A combo of the two is the best call, but honestly its what your body needs and in what quantities it can handle both. Blending can be heavy on the digestive system if not used to it so easing in the powerful blended drinks into your diet is the way to go to avoid shocking your insides while a juice boost provides instant nutritional assistance alongside your balanced diet.

Once your body is used to consuming the smoothie goodness, it may be used as a meal supplement or light snack as it fills us up and provides a more balanced nutrition comparable to a meal than a juice will.

Some people like to combo the two, blending first and then juicing or straining using a cheesecloth or nut milk bag in order to get the goodness from the greens while not overloading the digestive system.

My option is to drink a smoothie on an empty stomach or 20 minutes before a meal for optimum absorption.

Minding Your Mitochondria


“The food you eat can either be the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

-Ann Wigmore

Dr. Terry Wahls was the spark that fueled my juicing journey of discovery. She is nothing short of a marvel; a prodigy for the cause that what you put in to your body, you reap ten-fold.
I casually stumbled upon this video a year ago and hesitated “wasting” 17minutes of my life listening to her story.
Thankfully! I was bored that day and threw caution to the wind!

What a revelation..
What precious insight I now had.. What a discovery!

And then it struck me, this is basic nutrition sense. This is the theme of the rhetoric your mother has been trying to drill in to your ignorant head since the day you were born.



Then making smart nutrition choices is rule no.1 to unlocking your happiness.

Food is your sole source of health and happiness. It fuels your mental health, your ability to work hard and succeed, your appearance, its a preventative of disease and supplies you with the arsenal to fight off such. It acts as both a cure and a cause; it can be our detriment or our savior.

Now that you have unlocked this secret thats as old as time itself…
The choice of how you utilize it is in your hands alone.