When Life Hands you Lemons..

drink-lemon-water-aGo la la for Lemons!

Add squeezed freshly pressed quarter-half lemon to warm water.

I made a conscious effort to embrace a new morning ritual of drinking lemon water to see if the reported benefits materialized. And they most certainly did! The following are all true and tested, so get squeezing people!

The idea of starting your day off with a habitual feel-good ritual will reap rewards. I recently embraced the philosophy of “starting as you mean to go on” whether its the smallest of tasks (making the bed, making a juice, taking over the world..) that sets the tone of how the rest of your day should unfold. The feeling of empowerment from committing to a morning ritual is satisfying and self-fulfilling, it takes determination regardless of how small the feet is. Its the feeling of ownership that ensues in taking control to make the conscious effort of putting your wellness first.
Here we go…

Aids Digestion – Lemon juice flushes toxins through the gastrointestinal tract stimulating peristalsis, loosening toxins to rid them from the body. Irrigate and liberate!

– The citric acid in lemons is alkaline upon digestion leading to balanced PH levels in the body. And healthy alkalinity is just good sense guys.

Clear, Bright Skin – All good Hollywood babes rave about Vitamin C’s ability to purge toxins from the blood leading the clearer, brighter skin with less pronounced wrinkles.You may even apply lemon juice (watered down dependent on sensitivity) directly to you skin before an event to brighten dull skin. Unleash your inner glowing goddess.

Boost Immunity – Vitamin C is the lost from the body quickly under pressure and stress. Hence why when we are met with tough light situations, our immunity decreases and we fall prey to getting cold and opportunistic illnesses. The Vit. C highly abundant in lemons helps fight off colds while potassium regulates brain/nerve functions.

Diuretic – Lemons heighten the rate of urination, flushing toxins through your system fast without letting the nasty stuff fester within. Keep your urinary tract happy.

Weight Loss – The Pectin Fibre contained in lemons curbs your appetite plus positive alkalinity has been shown to increase weight loss. Win Win.

Fresh Breath – Citric acid can be used to freshen stale breath and treat gingivitis. However this has a caveat..see *Tip below

*Tip: It is said that citric acid in the lemons can erode teeth so its recommended that you flush your mouth out with plain water following your morning ritual or consume with a straw.(Colorful, fun straws work best…because they make any drink taste better..but mainly because I’m an overgrown child)
Warm water is recommended (not cold/hot) as it keeps fats fluid to flush them out faster.
No added sugar! It kills the benefits of your hard work! Your’e sweet enough.

Use fresh organic lemons pleaseandthankyou! No funny fake stuff!

Go forth wellness warriors and embrace this morning must!


2 thoughts on “When Life Hands you Lemons..

  1. I gave this a try and I loved it, its great to know there are benefits as well. I enjoyed reading this, your personality kind of comes through in your writing style.

    • Thank you Isaac thats much appreciated! Glad you gave it a try, I really love it as an alternative to coffee and tea, hence why I shared the love!

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